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Homebrew Coffee & Co is more than just fresh roasted coffee, we’re a community created by adventurers for adventurers in the pursuit of connection, community, and creativity. It’s our quest to give you advantages on all your checks in life.


Greetings brave adventurers! We're Kelly and Laura, adventurers in life and the founders of Homebrew Coffee & Co. Home really is where the heart is when it comes to us. 

After spending the last few years traveling between Canada and the United States, Laura and Kelly have settled down in Garner, North Carolina while Laura attends college! We have so much in store for the Homebrew Coffee & Co community and cannot wait to share it all with you as we grow!


We provide made-to-order, fresh roasted coffee ideal for any adventurer. Fairtrade, organic, and ethically-sourced, all of our roast names are aptly inspired by table top roleplaying games.  

Looking to gift your party or DM? Our Total Party Kit is completely customizable to align with you and your party's needs!


We combined Kelly's passions for DnD and coffee roasting with Laura's love for community building and mental health advocacy. What better way to connect likeminded creatives than over a hot, freshly roasted cup of coffee?

Our goal is to build a safe community that empowers, uplifts, and inspires creative people like yourself to pursue adventure.  

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