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Why Fresh Roasted Coffee?


If anyone needed more of a reason to drink fresh roasted, we've got you! Fresh roasted is plentiful in its health benefits. Let's take a look!

  • Fresh roasted coffee lowers the risk of the following: arterial and cardiovascular diseases, type2 diabetes, dementia, Alzheimer's, and depression

  • It increases endorphins (your happy chemical) in your brain

  • Improves gut digestion 

  • The caffeine in coffee is a stimulant, so it boosts your energy and aids in healthy brain activity!

  • Abundant in antioxidants! There are actually more antioxidants in fresh roasted coffee than there are in blueberries

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. We encourage you to consult your doctor. 

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Fresh roasted coffee is rich in flavour, and because it's so fresh, you can smell it before you even open the package!


We reccommend ordering whole bean and grinding at home for optimal freshness. While ground coffee is still great, the grinding process actually decreases its freshness and impacts the flavour.

When coffee is roasted fresh, it releases the natural flavour of the coffee bean, which can lower a need for sugar or cream. 

Fun fact: the coffee bean's flavour is influenced by its natural surroundings. 

You're in luck, all of our coffee is fresh roasted and made-to-order!


Last but not least, fresh roasted coffee is superior in quality to its stale, burnt tasting store brand relatives. 

  • It's fresher. It's right there in the name!

  • In order to increase the coffee's shelf life, store bought brands and other major coffee chains roast their coffee so dark it's nearly burnt, which directly effects the coffee's quality and freshness. 

  • It's so aromatic you'll think you rolled a natural 20 on a Perception Check

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