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Imagine this: a group of adventurers, much like yourself, travel into Huila, Columbia - home to the Nevado de Huila volcano dragons. They're goal? A treasure so rich in flavour it's worth risking their lives for. Can you guess what it was? 

Coffee. This tart, fruity coffee with notes of dark cocoa. When consumed it gives them the ability to achieve all their dreams. 

Disclaimer: This coffee will not give you the ability to achieve all your dreams. Only you can give yourself that ability.

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  • Size of bag (4oz or 8oz)
  • Roast type (light, medium, dark)

Flavour notes: Tart Fruit, Dark Cocoa
Region: Huila, Colombia
Elevation: 1,520 - 1,650
Acidity: Balanced

Tart Fruit-Dark Cocoa

  • All of our coffee beans are fresh roasted and made to order. Our coffee beans are all ethically sourced, organic, and fair trade. We prioritize sourcing beans from farmers with the Rainforest Alliance Certification.

    We hand stamp our bags ourselves, so you'll likely see imperfections. We like to think that's charming! Hopefully you think so, too.  

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